GOD delivered Christ unto man so that GOD could be seen by man through a son of mankind to guide man to become a spiritual man who might willingly, knowingly, and lovingly glorify GOD

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SAPLING OF LIFE:  The life of Christ was a seed of GOD’s grace that was planted alongside the river of eternity.  A sapling now grows.  It is a sapling of life.  As it is GOD’s will, this sapling will grow into a glorious tree, thrive, bear fruit, and stand the test of time and adversity.

SUN OF MAN:  Christ was the product of the womb of Mary being seeded an essence of life, a soul, like none other by the spirit of GOD; for this soul was blessed with GOD’s purpose for mankind.  The fact that Christ experienced birth like the rest of us meant that he was human like the rest of us.  However, Christ emerged as the best of us when he reached the maturity of a man, at which time his heart, mind, and body were aligned completely with his blessed and purposed soul; from which time he radiated GOD’s purpose and truly became the Sun of man.

SUICIDE MISSION:  As a man, Christ had choices in his mission of love. He was not a puppet dangled from and controlled by the strings of prophecy.  If he had no choice, then it could be said that he was a victim of prophecy, given his earthly outcome.   Christ was on a suicide mission; this he was certain of. To confront imperial authority and entrenched Jewish aristocracy to make his point would surely drive a point through his beating heart.  However, to pave the way of truth on earth to glorify GOD, he was lovingly compelled by his spirit to press on with his GODly mission, to death would he part. 

If GOD is in our nature then GOD is only as silent as we choose to be. 

UP, UP, AND AWAY!  Being supernatural is the grace of GOD when we become conduits for GOD’s blessings.  In releasing these blessings through humble service to others, then: up up and away; it’s a bird; no it’s a plane; no it’s an angel! 

GOD TONE:  To know GOD is not to mentally box GOD in some container of predictable actions and reactions.  Our finite mental capacity cannot contain the infinitely expansive nature of GOD.  To know GOD is to experience GOD’s essence. GOD’s essence has residence of our soul.  Union and communion with GOD’s spirit starts with resonance with this residence.   When we achieve a sustained frequently repeating bursting feeling of hallelujah, a tone of peace and praise overtakes our soul.  This is our GOD tone that invites the Holy Spirit into GOD’s residence of our soul.  Any other tone drives the spirit out.   Our GOD tone is not of habit but of love.

HOLY HYGIENE:  GOD’s spirit has cleansing power.  We must allow the spirit to run over our hearts to take away impurities.  This must be done frequently throughout the day in order to practice good holy hygiene.  For in these dark ages, we live in a world of filth. 

REVELATIONS:  GOD who claims us all is folded into infinite space, time, and dimensions.  GOD exists as only GOD can exist; always and forever more.  GOD is what GOD is; a state infinitely beyond anything we can ever imagine. We are not able to grasp GOD conceptually because GOD equipped us with a sensory capacity that is fit only with a limited number of dimensional probes.  However, as our collective consciousness expands over future generations, more of GOD’s wonderment will be revealed.  We should be advised that too much revelation at any given time for any given generation can be harmful to our overall sanity and survival. 


If GOD is love then be in GOD.

If GOD is good then have a GOD life.

If GOD is life then enjoy GOD and prosper.

If GOD is air then breathe GOD in and out.

If GOD is light then shine GOD everywhere we go.

If GOD is truth then spread GOD wherever we go.

If GOD is great then be a GOD influence on others.

If GOD is heaven then be in GOD

HEAVEN IS:  Heaven is not a place but a state of being.  The moment we are hugged by GOD’s grace and we burst with humility and love, heaven is then upon us. 

Hell is contrast for Heaven.

PROMISED LAND:  In the desert of GOD’s kingdom, Christ’s road will take us to many places.  However, at some point, as it is the will of GOD, we will reach our individual promised lands, if we are powered by the spirit and sustained by love. 

HEAVEN OR HELL, TAILOR-MADE:   As perishable and flawed beings, it seems vastly inconsistent with the nature of justice, as revealed by GOD to mankind, that a person can be condemned to eternal damnation for acts performed, however heinous, during a finite time period.  Nonetheless, I can imagine a self-made tunnel that each person must travel through at the time of death.  This tunnel is fashioned by each person's mind.  During our lifetimes, we develop unique mental notions of heaven and hell.  In fact, one man’s hell might be another man’s heaven. Our personal tunnels can shower us with pain or bliss when it is our time to go through.  The experience can expand and contract and feel like an eternity drifting in and out like a dream or a nightmare.  Whatever our individual experience, there will be a just reward or penalty according to the will of GOD. However, our souls return to GOD for that which is from GOD is always of GOD

MY REWARD?  Heaven is a grand notion as compensation for our devotion. However, as a servant of The Lord though the Body of Christ, I only look to my duty to serve.  My reward is instantaneous with each completed task along with the privilege of carrying on in this capacity.  It is this service that completes me!  A servant is defined by what he does; not by what he gets.

BOUNDLESS HEAVEN:  To many an aimless mind, heaven is simply incomprehensible.  But then they should ask themselves; at what point do we separate the air we breathe from the sky above?  From this perspective, one man’s breath can be another man’s sky. Similarly, they can challenge themselves by thinking on what point it is that separates our present existence from that which is infinite and eternal. Because heaven is boundless across countless dimensions, what reason would we have to exclude the realm of our existence from the boundless heaven? 

As simple as being a Christian is, many are not. 

OUR HOUSE:  We build our house with beams of GODly purpose and cover it with a roof of love.  We keep the hearth warm and inviting and our doors unlocked.  We adorn our house with good works of heart and thanksgiving.  Our house stands and spans the test of time and mankind, for it is well-built.  Indeed, it is a house to die for.  And, wherever it sits, it is in heaven. 

MEN INDUSTRY:  When men industry overtakes ministry as the focus of a church, the church is not of Christ.  Ministry is not about getting or building; it is about giving and healing. 

ONE CHURCH:  The Church of GOD through the image of Christ encompasses each of us joined in purpose. Such purpose is not each congregation to its own or every man or woman for themselves.  Such purpose is not a competition of congregations in a game of spiritual survival pitted in the wild wild kingdom of man.  The Church of GOD through the image of Christ is a place of refuge for mankind within GOD’s heaven on earth.  During these cold times, we must join in making certain that the Church is constantly powered by GOD’s spirit and kept warm and inviting by our hearts.  May GOD bless us to join in doing our parts to erect the true church as it is willed to be; one church under GOD, indivisible. 


              GOD does not need the Church;
     But we do.
              GOD can do without the Church;
     But we can’t.
              Our church is not about us:
     But the world.
              Our church is not about confirmation;
     But of transformation.
              Our church is not about conflict;
     But of peace.
              Our church is not about beliefs;
     But of love.
              Our church is not about man;
     But about GOD.

We help to build GOD’s kingdom by using our tools of love and then sharing them with others. 

OPEN MEMBERSHIP:  The Kingdom of GOD is not a secret society; nor is it exclusive. No rituals are required to gain entry.  No referral, sponsorship, or registration is demanded for admission.  We gain entry not through an edifice, but through the doorway of our soul with the power of the spirit and the tender guidance of Christ. 

IT'S TEST TIME:  We who reside in GOD’s kingdom of blessings must invariably face those who do not.  One way or another, they will test and probe the stability and strength of our residence.  It is fashionable to shape Satan out of our examiners.  Not that we should be a fan of Satan, but how else shall it be determined how, where, and can we stand in the Kingdom? Sometimes, the best way to determine whether our roof leaks is in the pouring rain. 

IN OR OUT:  Christ dedicated his life’s ministry to pointing out ‘the way’ to please and praise GOD.  To be on ‘the way’ is to be in GOD’s kingdom.  To be in the way of someone else striving for the Kingdom is to be out of ‘the way’.  To be on one’s own way is also to be out of ‘the way’.  According to Christ, we are either in or out of the Kingdom. 

THY KINGDOM COME, THY KINGDOM STRONG:  We can experience the glorious reality of GOD’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven through faithful, uplifting, and humble service that is inspired by the love of Christ, which is GOD’s will for mankind.  GOD’s kingdom on earth is inhabited by volunteers, not slaves or indentured servants.  Slaves require enforcement of conduct that is dependent on constant policing.  The inspired conduct of volunteers requires only GOD’s direction through Christ.   A kingdom built on a foundation of enforcement can certainly be built fast with man-made efficiency; but eventually, it crumbles from the stress and fatigue of enforcement.  Whereas, GOD’s kingdom is built on a slowly poured solid foundation of love, reinforced by Christ.  The kingdom of man tries to keep up by beating down its people.  The kingdom of GOD stays up by lifting up its people.