BELIEFS:   We must be very prayerful that what we believe does not overshadow who we should believe in.  What we believe not uncommonly changes with time. However, who we believe in gave us time itself.  If what we believe is the center of our attention then GOD is not.

BELIEFS, KNOWLEDGE, FAITH:  Beliefs are what usually attract and draw us into various spiritual neighborhoods.  There, our homes are constructed by knowledge and experience.  Our homes are secured by faith.  For knowledge is an advance over belief and faith an advance over knowledge.  The ground beneath a belief is always soft and penetrable.  Whereas, that which is beneath true faith is solid like rock. 

GODLY PURPOSE:  Centering on beliefs about GOD is conventional religion.  Centering on GOD is believing in GOD. Believing in GOD is beloving GOD.  Beloving GOD is loving GOD, unconditionally.  Loving GOD is being one with GODly purpose.  Being one with GODly purpose is how we began.  How we began is when we were born.  We were born with GODly purpose. 

If all beliefs were reasonable then there would be little reason for belief. 

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INFINITY & ETERNITY:  Infinity is not a quantity. Eternity is timeless.  Infinity is inexhaustible. Eternity is unapproachable.
Yet, for us to exist, both infinity and eternity have to be as real as anything we could ever imagine.   GOD is the intersection of infinity and eternity. 

BRIDGE OVER ETERNITY:  The past is like a shore of land from which we are always departing and the future is the shore we are always approaching.  We toil in the present as if we are constructing a bridge to connect the past to the future.  This bridge we live on is perched over the moving waters of eternity.  We view life from this construction and we never seem to make it across.    Our faith in GOD compels us to jump off the bridge and dive into eternity.  Once in, we go with the flow which is GOD’s will for mankind.   From our vantage point, swimming in our little spot on our globe of existence, eternity is a shore-less ocean of time

IMPROBABILITY:  The continuum of existence, as extrapolated from our meager experience, is a tunnel that streams and spirals multi-dimensionally without beginning or end.   For any of us to exist, there simply can be no beginning.  To believe otherwise is to conceive of our own improbability. 

AGE TO COME:  Life of the age to come is eternal life, whether we understand it or not; although mostly, and far exceedingly, not.  The age to come is not confined to the ‘after life’.  When we center our lives on GOD, as revealed in Christ, we begin to live, practice, and experience the age to come.  This age to come is the immediate answer to the LORD’s prayer that GOD’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

I THINK:  I think therefore I am is a well-known expression. But just because we think, does that make us more than what we are?

What will be is as certain as what has been. 

PRESENCES OF MIND:   A presence of mind, bathed in the Holy Spirit, that pours out of a GODly heart, blooms with loving thoughts. 

OUT OF OUR MIND:  When our mind is full of GOD, we are mindful of GOD.  When GOD is out of our mind, we often go out of our mind. 

SOUL-ITARY CONFINEMENT:  To keep from going out of our minds because there is so much to understand of our existence, we tend to lock ourselves into one paradigm or another of perceptual confinement.  Most of these paradigms dictate that everyone and everything in our respective surroundings are to be differentiated from each other and ourselves individually.  All of our senses are used to bear witness to these bars of separation.  When we try to experience GOD behind these bars, we find ourselves relying on others to tell us what’s going on with GOD. We thank GOD for giving us the language, vision, image, and sense of Christ as a means of breaking out of our prison of soul-itary confinement.  It is the love of Christ that reunites us in our joyous freedom of oneness with GOD

IMAGINATION:  We must leave GOD to our wildest imagination because GOD is beyond all images yet known in all our experiences combined. 

NO CONTEST:  To suggest that there can ever be a true battle between GOD and man only indicates that man can be such an egomaniac in his blissful ignorance and puffed up state of mind. 

Endurance is one dimension of reality and perception is the other. 

CHERISH NOW:  We all live within a continuum that is comprised of vanishing forms.  These forms often have continuity among their types in the sense that emerging forms are derived materially from vanishing forms.  We forms are continually exposed to perfect moments of now.  We should not try to shun or hide from the reality of now.  Now is always the time to cherish, for GOD is now, forever more. 

HOLY DIMENSIONAL ARRAY:  The perspective from our cage of finality and temporality is that we are all separate; that there is an end point at which we define ourselves, individually, as distinct from others. However, let us imagine ourselves outside this cage; where GOD directs and dictates an infinite array of dimensions. Let us also imagine that within this array, the distinction between entities evaporates in meaning and relevance.  In GOD’s holy dimensional array, Christ is not distinct from GOD but rather another dimension of GOD, as we are. 

COSMIC PERSPECTIVES:  People who gaze through the window pane of our earth ship, as it dashes through our universe, see the landscape in one of four ways:  a cosmic mess that is cold and indifferent and without purpose; a cosmic gauntlet that is a treacherous pre-planned obstacle course, filled with trials and tribulations; a cosmic prison that was constructed to control its occupants, based on a system of rewards and punishment; or a cosmic soup that is generously filled with nurturing ingredients intended for consumption and enjoyment.  Which cosmic state we agree on determines how we experience our trip, which could range from fright to delight.

If it is a mess we see, then how strange it is that there is so much order, rhythm, and predictability in the composition of materials and their interactions. If it is a gauntlet we see, then we might wonder who is amused by such trials.  If it is a prison that traps us, then it would appear that GOD went through a lot of trouble putting up such walls while at the same time filling mankind with a tantalizing predisposition to free will.

Indeed, is not our cosmos more like a nurturing bowl of soup for us to consume, enjoy, and discover what is in such a marvelous brew? 

GOD wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts. 

SAND CASTLES:  In constructing sanctuaries, our bricks and mortar are but sand castles if the sanctuary does not lie first within us. 

RITUALS:  If GOD had intended man to be engaged in ritual after ritual, GOD would have made man into a palm tree that bows constantly back and forth in the wind. 

PARADIGM BUBBLES:  We must not allow ourselves to be paradigm bubbles encapsulated in religious convention; floating aimlessly in GOD’s kingdom.  However, if we find ourselves in such a condition, allow Christ to burst our bubble. 

CLEAR VISION:  Many try to see GOD through spectacles of convention and ritual.  These spectacles leave folks spiritually challenged because they cloud vision. Those who use these spectacles feel that despite the cloudiness, it is the best vision they can achieve and they dare not rely on their hearts and soul to see.   It is the spirit of GOD that restores our soul and clears our heart and gives us sight.  Let us throw away those spectacles to see the spectacular! 

GOD MASS:  Many try to make worshipping and glorifying GOD so complex.  One can suspect this is done in order to create god-mass.  Through the various rituals, there is an attempt to construct and make tangible a god that is otherwise perceived as supernatural, untouchable, and separate and distinct from each of us and our realities.  Priests, pastors, congregations, and properties conspire to create this tangible god-mass.  It is quite possible that the more we focus on this god-mass, the less we focus on GOD.  Christ instructed us to center on GOD and to simply amass love for GOD as manifest by our love and care of each other. Any other mass is just dust. 

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The Big Bang that scientists often speak of was actually the snap of GOD’s fingers. 

ENDLESS MATTER:  When we add up nothing we never get something. When we divide up something we never get nothing, no matter how close to nothing we get.  Therefore, perceptible forms of matter may end, but their particulate essence, however minute, is eternal unless of course GOD deems otherwise. 

GOD ADHESION:  Western man is often found seeking the shelter of reductionalism, where man has dared to reduce our reality to a construct that is understandable.  This fashioned reality changes with the times. Conceptually, this reality shelter is a big box beyond which, man fears, lurks destructive uncontrollable chaos.    This reality box is made of individual parts that are manufactured by modern man’s various factories of science; from math and physics to chemistry and biology.  The parts of this box fit snuggly together.   What often keeps the components of man’s reality construction from falling apart is the adhesive force of hypothesis.  This man-made glue itself breaks down to mere wishful thinking.  Nonetheless, man puts much faith and stock in such thinking.  For many an unfortunate man, this hypothetical glue replaces GOD in their reality.  Let us not be similarly deluded, for it is GOD that holds our reality together; without whom, our reality falls apart and indeed disassembles over time to chaos. 

GOD'S POETRY:  If GOD wills it to be, it is.  If GOD wills that what goes down now goes up, it does.  It is GOD that composes the unraveling poetry of physics that is dug up or stumbled upon by man.  At present, we are barely through the first page of a trillion volume book of GOD’s poetry for mankind. However, let us be amazed but not paralyzed with amazement; for we are purposed to dance with intellectual excitement to GOD’s poetry. 

'NOTHING' IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION:  GOD’s canvas of sound is silence.  Something is always outlined and defined by ‘nothing’.  The backdrop of our existence is ‘nothing’; for just as we are, we are not.  This makes what we are not an important aspect of what we are.  As such, we cannot exist without ‘nothing’, which makes us one with ‘nothing’, and unites us with ‘nothing’.   Many desperately seek to define ‘nothing’, but that would make ‘nothing’ something.  Therefore, for mankind, ‘nothing’ is beyond comprehension. 

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'Now' is always the gateway to eternity. 

LINK IN ETERNITY:  If we ignore eternity, then it is easy for our minds to deceive us into thinking that we are more than a blink of GOD’s eye.  If we don’t ignore eternity, then this blink makes our birth and death occur at about the same moment in eternity.  However, because there is no break in eternity, we should rest assured that it is not complete without our moment.

IN TIME:  Man’s end of time could be the beginning of the time that man takes the time and makes time to enjoy and cherish the time that GOD has blessed man now.

TIME TO CHANGE:  Time does not exist; but that does not stop change, for change is not dependent on time.  Time is shaped by change. Without change or the anticipation of change, time does not matter.  Time matters to man as a marker for degeneration or progress; both of which are examples of change. Time is a tool crafted from an accumulating quantification of beats at an agreed upon continuous rhythm.  This quantification is utilized to mark or label change or the lack there of when there is anticipation of change.  On Christ’s mark, our time was reset in anticipation of GODly change for mankind.  GOD gave us time to change. 

ETERNAL CIRCLE:  When we dare babble about the eternal state of GOD, we must release ourselves from the relevance of time.  Time suggests a before and after; a tick-tock.  With GOD, there is no before and after, because before and after are folded into one continuous stream of existence.  To think otherwise is tantamount to thinking that at some point, after we have gone around a circle for countless revolutions, we could ever find ourselves displaced from that circle. 

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Modern man may think of himself as advanced, but he is backwards if he turns from GOD. 

GODLY WISDOM:  GODly wisdom is like a beautiful tree with deep roots of experience burrowed in its plot of humanity.  This tree provides shade from the heat of adversity and bears fruit that can sustain life.  It can withstand the strong winds of life’s applications and its trunk is tough against the axe of time.

VISION:  Compelling vision is the fertile ground that promotes the growth of deep roots of purpose that supports a branching tree of action that often bears fruit of success. However, we must be careful not to allow our inclination towards expediency in realizing our vision replace our faithfulness to GOD’s will as the motivation for our actions. 

PROPHECY:  GOD has infinite awareness of cause and effects, reactions and counter-reactions, chain reactions, and responses.  GOD’s awareness makes events known before they occur from the perspective of any given moment.  However, these events are not necessarily pre-ordained by virtue of GOD’s awareness.  If we make a motion with intention of stepping forward, we have 100% certainty that our foot will strike the ground in front of us.  An observer of our stepping action would share the same certainty.  It is this same certainty that GOD has of the countless causes and effects, interactions, and chain reactions that abound in our reality.  This certainty is GOD’s awareness.  Prophecy is not looking into the future; to do so would mean that time exists and that our reality is controlled by time; but time is a mechanical illusion.  Prophecy is a GOD-given glimpse of GOD’s infinite awareness. 

CURRENCY OF OPPORTUNITY:  We can learn a lot from success and failure if we put our minds to it.  When we retain these lessons, we create value.  Therefore, success and failure are two sides of the same currency that is payment for our efforts in life.   This currency can be used in turn to purchase admission to opportunities that reward us with similar currency in varying amounts.  As such, success and failure is the currency of opportunity; the more currency the greater access to opportunity.   GOD endowed us with an internal accounting system that grants us far greater satisfaction with the currency of our efforts than necessarily the currency of our bank account.