When we let our light shine, we must be careful that the glare does not block the vision of others. 

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LIGHT OF CHRIST:  Our light beams with joy, good works, and love.  The shadow cast by our light is that of Christ kneeling before GOD


BEACON AND BEAMS:  As simple life forms, let us strive to be light forms, even if we are mere rays of light, given the brevity of our human experience.  Let us join our rays to become beacons and beams in a world engulfed by thick darkness.  This world needs our intensified and focused light to illuminate and mark escape paths to the glory of GOD.  Energized by Christ love, life forms become light forms.

HEADLAMPS:  On Heaven’s highway in the midst of these dark times, our headlamps remain on at all times to carefully see our way through.  Our lights also help others see the road and even follow our lead. 

LIGHT COATING:  Let us pray that the light we shine comes not from a light coating on our life; for such a coating is mere covering for darkness and deception.  Rather, let us pray that our heart is a generator of light that causes light to burst out through the pores of our life; illuminating the way of love to the glory of GOD

Our sole calling is our soul calling. 


Our soul falls asleep
if wayward from GOD we creep.
Our soul beats with joy
if for GOD we do deploy.
Our soul sinks in sorrow
when GOD is put off till tomorrow.
Our soul keeps us alive
If for GOD’s glory we strive. 

OUR SOUL:  Our soul is a kiss from GOD at birth.  Our soul is our doorway to eternity.  Our soul is the anti-matter that matters the most. 

GOD SPACE:   Our soul is GOD space that is kissed us at birth. This space is neither in nor outside our breathing mass of earth.  Filled with the spirit, our mass comes alive with joy and peace.  When empty, our soul is dormant as if among the deceased. Therefore and without doubt, our soul is a terrible thing to rest.  For when it is filled with the spirit, our mass is compelled to do GOD’s best.

BORN ALIVE:  We are neither born sinners nor born to sin as some would have us believe.  An infant is innocent because he does not know right from wrong.  A sinner sins because he knows the difference.  A sinner sins when his soul is not compelled by and alive with GOD’s spirit.  If the soul is not alive at the end of the body’s trial period then the soul bears the penalty of our just GOD.  With this understanding, a sweet infant must be born with a soul pumping with the spirit because surely she escapes such penalty.   Our soul takes its toll as we maturate in a world of convention that tends to exile us from GOD’s spirit. In exile, our soul falls asleep as if it is dead.  When we repent, that is return to GOD, our soul awakens as if it is resurrected. 

While breathing GOD’s air through Christ, let us inspire before we expire. 

SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  The greater communion we have with GOD, the more access we gain with our soul.  This increase in access does not come empty-handed but rather with a sense of growth and enrichment.  It is the influx of GOD’s spirit that imbues our soul with increasing mass and volume; thus, the feeling of spiritual growth.  By design, this spiritual growth grants us greater capacity to do GOD’s work on ourselves and for mankind. 

FRESH AIR:  These times find many submerged in a murky world polluted with confusion, fear, hunger, mistrust, sadness, and selfishness.  It is not unusual to see people swimming aimlessly, desperately seeking a place to breath freely. We are blessed with the confidence that the Holy Spirit circulates beyond the surface of our world; and it is pure, fresh, and invigorating.  Christ showed us how to construct a breathing tube that is lined by faith and made sturdy by truth.  This tube reaches beyond the surface and allows us to inspire the spirit, which is enriched by the love of GOD

SOULSPIRATION:  The air we breathe is essential for human life.  We breathe in good air and we breathe out bad air. GOD’s spirit is essential for a GODly life.  We believe in GOD’s spirit and we exhaust bad spirit.   Our lungs are to air as our soul is to GOD’s spirit. When we stop breathing in air, our body goes through convulsions.  When we stop believing in GOD’s spirit, our life goes through convulsions.   Some try to knock the air out of us.  Others try to knock the spirit out of us.  Either way, we find ourselves bent over:  one way hungering for air; the other way, yearning for spiritual restoration.   For those deprived of air, mouth to mouth resuscitation can be life-sparing.  For those deprived of GOD’s spirit, heart to heart resuscitation can be life-saving. 

OUR FLAME:  The wick of the flickering flame of our life is our soul. Strong winds of adversity can put out the flame.  The gentle blow of GOD’s spirit can make it burn brighter.  Christ shows us how to keep our wick lit and our flame lighting the world. 

Cristo es el amor encarnado de DIOS por humanidad y por ayudar a entregar la vida de verdad al mundo. 

MULTIDIMENSIONAL PERSPECTIVE:  I am not going to tell you that what you are seeing is wrong.  From your perspective, you probably are seeing truth; and we have every right to act on what we see.  But if we are willing to accept more dimensions in our perspective, then we might be able to see far more.  Otherwise, we might sleep comfortably with the notion that a circle is all there is to behold of a sphere. 

TRUE NORTH:  When we take in Christ, a magnetic force is created that draws our heart towards the truth. The truth is the wisdom and glory of GOD.  This magnetism creates an internal compass setting our true north to GOD’s glory.  Afterwards, no matter where we are in life we know in which direction is the truth. 

TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE:  Many are lost in darkness behind shut eyes that resist opening.  They roam aimlessly through life; and to compensate for the darkness, they create their own boundaries and markers.  Not uncommonly, they bump into other people with a similar poverty of vision.  However, this poverty is a self-serving world behind shut eyes. We have chosen to open our eyes and wipe away the sleep.  With eyes wide open, we are able to follow the narrow but well lit path of Christ.  We are also able to see into the hearts of others, love them, and help them open their eyes.  Finally, with our sight, we are blessed with the ability to create beauty that is pleasing to GOD because how we see makes all the difference. 

COMMANDED BY LOVE:   Following the commandments of GOD does not prove we love GOD.  However, if we love GOD’s truth as articulated by Christ, we will surely follow GOD’s commandments that spring from this truth. 

Fret not; the narrow way of Christ comes with wide open arms.

COMMON WAY:  The common way is where people get their go from ego.   The Christ way is where we get our go from GOD.  The common way is a way filled with spiritual dis-ease.  The Christ way is a path of transformation from a state of spiritual dis-ease to one of confrontation with that which causes it. 

EXPRESS LANE:  The road of the many, the broad way, is brittle and brutal with all its bumper to bumper traffic and road-side distractions.  This road is poorly maintained because no one claims responsible ownership. This road crumbles with each tremble of the world. Traffic is deadly due to the many obstacles; slow and serpentine from the many detours.  Finally, this road suffers from very confusing signage.   The road of the relative few, the narrow way, is firm and well-maintained by the travelers themselves. This road is steady like a rock, regardless of the world’s shaky temperament.  The narrow way, given its lack of obstacles, detours, and distractions, is an express lane to the glory of GOD.  It is only breaks of faith that slow us down on this road. 

BROAD AND NARROW WAYS:  The broad way to GOD’s glory is a perilous journey.  Indeed, this way can accommodate many people but these people are burdened with a lot of baggage.  This baggage makes their journey especially fatiguing.  Oftentimes, folks on the broad way are more concerned about losing their bags than losing their direction.   The broad way is vast like a desert.  This vastness along with the crowds makes it hard to keep from wandering, zigzagging, and circling on the way to GOD’s glory.  People find themselves swaying with the crowds they are pressed with.  There are many guides for hire along the way.  They pitch maps to the promised land.   We who choose the narrow way to GOD’s glory carry no more than we can carry in our hearts for others.  This way is led by Christ who is our personal guide. 

A life can inspire words and words can inspire a life. 

MESSAGE SIGNAL:  As we listen to the words of others who are doing their best to guide and inspire us in the LORD, treat them like a radio that has a fine tuner.  We should keep our hand on the tuning knob to clear the static so we can hear the word of GOD.   The stronger the signal of the message, the less fine tuning is needed.  The more we commune with the Spirit, the better our fine tuner.   If the message signal is weak, don’t settle for the static. 

BODY LANGUAGE:  We give hallelujah thanks to Christ for his work on earth and for his language of love.  It is with the language of Christ that we can reliably glorify GOD.  Christ, himself, was the language; for he was the Word made flesh.  The body language of Christ can be universally interpreted and applied to all times and generations. There is only one way to correctly interpret Christ’s body language and put it to words; and that is to first be centered on GOD; second, have a heart full of love; and third, have a soul that is refreshed by the Holy Spirit.  GOD then enables us to shape words that glow and grow with meaning and applicability for our present times. However, we dare not strive for greater significance or broader temporal relevance.   Once the Word is expressed, the heart work must begin.  For it is not enough that the Word be made word, but that we make the Word flesh; creating a body language that is unmistakable from that of Christ to the glory of GOD

DINING EXPERIENCE:  When we dine on GOD’s word prepared in man’s kitchen, we should mind our GODly manners at the table and not eat too fast.  Our plate will always be full of facts to swallow and metaphors to chew on.  We need not chew on facts because, like sugar, they are easy to swallow. We should be advised not to keep facts in our mouth too long because we might try to suck more meaning out of them than they are worth.   A diet of too many facts constitutes improper nutrition.   When we fork out metaphors on our plate, we should first know that they are usually not easy to swallow.  Sometimes, we will even have bones to pick.  In any event, we must chew slowly and carefully to savor their meaning, improve our digestion, and not choke on misunderstanding and disagreement.   

With prayer, practice, and proper utensils, we can improve our dining experience when served GOD’s word.  We must separate the facts from the metaphors and there must be a balance between them, lest we find ourselves undernourished.    No matter how men cook it up, GOD’s word is always intended to strengthen and sustain us, not weaken or harm us; if indeed GOD’s word comprises the ingredients.  Finally, the purpose of consuming and exercising the word of GOD is to be spiritually fit; not intellectually fat.